Move In & Move Out Inspections

Move In & Move Out Inspections by Executive Housing Solutions
A home used for corporate relocation will host many different people over the course of its service. As such, the residence needs to be kept in good condition as a courtesy to future residents. Failure to do this is not only discourteous, it can also cost money—the housing relocation company may be charged significantly for damages. In addition, you want to make sure that the client’s future home is ready to go and everything is completed prior to their arrival.

That’s why we include move in/out inspections among its services to ensure that every home is ready for its next occupant, and take action if it is not.

The Ins and Outs of a Thorough Inspection
A comprehensive move in inspection service can check to see if problems like dirty carpets or leaky faucets are present in a home before the client arrives. In addition, an inspection can make sure that all furniture, and housewares is to the client’s specification and set up/installed properly. Utilities, such as electricity, cable, and internet are also inspected to make sure everything is turned on and operational before the client arrives. Likewise, when a client leaves, a move out inspection will determine if the home still meets the expected standards. Proof of inspection can be very helpful in situations where the building owner took a deposit as compensation for possible damages, as it may allow for the return of the deposit and help mitigate costs and save you money.

In each case, inspectors will enter the premises and perform a thorough examination while using a 42 point checklist. We will provide a detailed report with pictures and we can even include videos upon request and subject to an additional fee.